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The world's first cleaning tool for gutter guards

How it works!

The Gutter Guard Brush is used to clean off any gutter guard manufactured today. Just screw the brush on the end of any extension pole you may have laying around the house. Then from the ground, just reach up and brush off the gutter guard.

"I just love using the brush, even though it's rarely needed. I can use it to brush off any leaves or pine needles and I don't have to get on the roof!"
- Homeowner from California

Watch this video!

"The Gutter Guard Brush is demonstrated on several gutter guards and shows just how easy it is to use."

Feature 1

Bottom Bristles

The bristles on the bottom of The Gutter Guard Brush easily sweeps off leaves, pine needles and other small debris on any gutter guard. The best part is you don’t need a ladder, you can brush off your gutter guard while being on the ground.

Feature 2

Top Bristles

The bristles on top of The Gutter Guard Brush can clean off any debris that clings to the bottom of your gutter or the underside of just about anything that needs cleaning.

Feature 3

Front Bristles

The bristles on front of The Gutter Guard Brush can clean off any debris that clings to the front of your gutter, exterior lights on your home, the soffit under the eaves or the front side of just about anything that needs cleaning.

Feature 4

Side Bristles

The bristles on the side can wipe off cobwebs, remove leaves and pine needles in reverse curve gutter guards or anything else in a small gap.

Feature 5

Reverse Brush

Screw in your extension pole on the other side of the brush block and you can use The Gutter Guard Brush as a broom for cleaning many other surfaces.


Robert Lenney, the inventor of The Gutter Guard Brush, shares his story. He started out by cleaning gutters, way back in 1996, which is the time he founded his gutter company. Over the next several years, he and his workers of the Gutterglove company cleaned out millions and millions of feet of gutter.

Of many of the gutters cleaned, there were gutter covers on them that had leaves, pine needles and gunk piled high on top of the gutter guard (and even in the gutter itself!). He learned that several of the gutter guard manufactures claimed that their gutter guard was maintenance free, which from Mr. Lenney’s personal field experience, nothing could be further from the truth.


Not only was there no cleaning tool especially designed to clean the top of a gutter guard, but there was no true gutter guard on the market that ever lived up to its marketing claims. So in 2003 Mr. Lenney decided to invent the first ever gutter guard that truly would live up to its marking claims, and also provided a cleaning tool that made it easy for a homeowner to clean off any leaves or pine needles that didn’t blow off from the winds and rains.

He called his first gutter screen Gutterglove Pro Gutterguard, which later became the #1 rated gutter guard from many consumer reporting media. In fact, an article in the Placer Herald newspaper titled Mr. Lenney’s story “Gutterglove Gets Consumer Reports’ Seal Of Approval.” In 2010, Lenney went on to invent a DIY version of his Gutterglove Pro Gutterguard and calls it “Gutter Guard by Gutterglove” and is available at It’s a stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guard, with aluminum rails as a support affixed with the 3M brand adhesive tape so you can just stick it on your gutter. If you don’t want to use the 3M tape you can use the supplied self-tapping screws.

Competing pro-install gutter guard brands sell for as much as $30 per foot, and most don’t even perform to the level of Mr. Lenney’s Do-It-Yourself gutter guard which you can buy at Home Depot for a little over $2 a foot. Mr. Lenney’s gutter guard technology, locked within his seven domestic and international patents, bring costs down and performance up for the homeowner.

To help his gutter guards perform consistently 365 days a year, Mr. Lenney invented The Gutter Guard Brush. This brush can be used on any gutter guard brand made today.

No matter what gutter guard you have on your gutters, you’ll need The Gutter Guard Brush to help periodically clean off the top.

The Gutter Guard Brush

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